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The Zeven Story

ZEVEN is a multi-dimensional brand committed to transforming sports in India by making active sport an important part of your life. Breathe, Eat, Sleep, Play. Zeven is a revolution, unleashing your potential.

Our Mission

Our dream is for every Indian to “go out there and play”! For us at Zeven, your age, sex, income or location don’t matter. All we need is your desire and commitment to playing the game. Many sports are played across India and we dream of catalysing different people to play them; hockey, cricket, football, badminton, tennis, kabaddi and many more.

The Zeven Chakri & Identity

The Zeven Chakri stands for the spirit of sport, constantly moving, sharpening and performing. Power within, that shows results quietly outside. Zeven gives India a sports brand made for Indians. The Chakri is our symbol, representing energy, universal motion, power, speed & success.

Zeven Values

We believe sports brings great values in you, values we at Zeven live for. Sports is beyond glamour or money. Discipline, commitment, passion, energy are values great sportspersons have.

Created, managed, supported by a team of iconic sportspersons and successful leaders from the business of sport, we are committed to help you find the joy of true sport. The world’s best for India.

The Zeven Markings

Zeven Today