Health benefits of playing badminton

Playing badminton for an hour sheds off more than 450 calories, which is among the highest for all sports. It is way higher than doing other activities like running, walking and spending a session in the gym. It is a sport which utilizes majority of the muscles and is hence exhausting.

Good For The Heart

It is a terrific cardio-vascular exercise for the body and helps in the reduction of cholesterol. It is advisable for heart patients too, under proper medical supervision.

Increases Rate Of Metabolism

It boosts the rate of metabolism by maintaining energy levels and through the release of toxins in body through sweating. It also leads to a fitter body by burning body fat more efficiently.

Improves Strength, Flexibility, Stamina

It is a sport which requires a lot of body movement, helping a great deal to improve agility as well as strength in the legs, arms, back and the core muscles. Plus, playing regularly will increase stamina greatly and will improve reflexes.

Sharpens The Mind

It helps in improved concentration and focus as one has to consistently try and outplay/outwit the opponent. It also works as a stress buster.

Helps In Getting Sleep

Another important aspect of playing badminton is that it is physically tiring, which helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Very beneficial for people with sleep disorders.

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