Important tips for beginners in badminton

Always Warm Up

Warm-ups are of utmost importance in any sport as they help the body get ready for the rigours ahead. Stretching and jogging or running before the game help in loosening up the muscles, thereby avoiding injuries.

Get A Grip

Holding the racquet properly is one of the basics of the sport in order to properly execute shots. The handle has to slot in between the index finger and thumb, making sure the wrist isn’t too tight as being too stiff cam hamper shot-making.

Play From Position

It is essential in badminton to identify a base position in the court from where there is maximum accessibility to all parts of the court. During training, one has to get into the habit of moving into this position, preferably in the centre of the court near the service line, to have the best chance of retrieving the shuttle.

Serve Right

In badminton, the arm swing for the serve has to be under the shoulder unlike the overhead ones in tennis. Service can be done either using the forehand or backhand. Today, many top players use a backhand serve as it is a safe option and doesn’t give the opponent much to play with.

Learn The Shots

Badminton has a variety of shots like the forehand, backhand, overhead, drop shots and the smash. It is necessary to practice all these shots to have a better range as a player. A point to note is that the backhand is usually the weak link in most players’ game.

The Mental Game

Badminton involves a lot of strategizing as it is important to pick up on the little things on court and find a chink in the opponent’s armour. Also, having a wide range of shots with proper control can help mix things up and make you less predictable for the opponent.

Watch The Game

Watching the game, either on TV or on the courts, is often a very good way to learn some tips and tricks. Observing matches can help one with more ideas and an understanding of top players deal with tough situations.

Keeping Fit

It is a dynamic and fast-paced sport where one needs to have speed, flexibility, strength and stamina to compete at the highest level. Badminton usually involves the use of the entire body like shoulders, back, arms, wrist, elbows, abdomen, knees and the ankles. Therefore, it is important have a fitness regimen which improves these facets as fitness could well be the deciding factor during crunch times. Having a sufficient protein intake in one’s diet greatly helps in helping supplement the body’s nutritional needs.

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