How to choose the perfect racquet for a novice

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Balance Point Of The Racquet

The balance of weight of a racquet can be of different types – head heavy, head light and even balance. Head-heavy racquets are normally used by accomplished players who have more control and impart more power to shots. However, they are not suitable for everyone, especially beginners for whom control is more important than power.

Head light racquets are lighter at the head and gives greater control over shots. This can be very useful in doubles as it gives greater manoeuvrability.The even balanced racquets can be good for developing an all-round game and can be good for beginners.

Weight Of The Racquet

The ideal weight of a badminton racquet should be anywhere between 85 gms to 90 gms. They are good to control, enabling effective execution of shots. Plus, they are easier on the wrist and shoulders.

Types Of Grip

Grips are essentially of two types-synthetic and towel. Synthetic grips are great to hold, but they can be slippery once it gets sweaty. Towel grips have excellent sweat absorption capabilities but can get unhygienic after prolonged use, leading to frequent changes.

The size of the grips are determined by the type of game you play. Bigger grips have a better feel for power play while smaller grips allow better wrist movement of the racquet.

Shaft Flexibility

Flexible shafts are good for beginners as they help generate power for strokeplay and can be good for returning smashes. It is good for players developing their technique.

A stiff shaft is for the more advanced player who can generate power on their own rather than rely on the racquet for it. It also helps in more accurate shots.

Different Head Shapes

The traditional badminton racquet is oval in shape with a concentrated ‘sweet spot’ at the centre. The sweet spot though is lesser in such a racquet and more in an isometric or square-shaped racquet.

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