Negotiating spaces: No boundaries for cricket

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The beach is not ideal for cricket but tell that to them! Time to work on those diving skills while you are at it.

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The air may be a bit thin and the outfield too rocky to be a Jonty Rhodes, but that didn't stop these young monks play around the Lamayuru monastery in Ladakh.

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A regular sight in the streets of India, there is a vast majority in this country who use creative substitutes for stumps and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Can’t blame them for selecting a picturesque spot on the banks of the River Ganges in Varanasi.

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The kids from the crowded slums too happen to find some sort of space to play their favourite game. Audiences include the four-legged variety too.

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We see foreign teams moan about dustbowls in India. Now this is what you call a dustbowl! We should get them to play here…

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Kids from different age groups can be seen finding their own spaces to indulge in their favourite sport. Even the buffalo manages to fit in here!

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Rain or shine, the cricket goes on. How can the weather gods stop us from playing our favourite game?

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When there is space to play, who cares about appropriate gear?

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This man sits by his food cart while watching a game of cricket in a park in Kolkata. A drinks or a lunch break is always on the agenda and this man will be at your service. He may just hinder a few runs though.

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