Sharing the dressing room with Sachin Tendulkar is the best thing ever for Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is India’s best batsman across all formats today and he reiterates the importance of the role played by the legendary Sachin Tendulkar in reaching where he is today.

Back in 2012, Tendulkar became the first batsman to score 100 centuries in cricket and he remains the only person ever to do so in history. In a programme to felicitate the achievements of the master held by a prominent businessman attended by the who’s-who from different fields, Virat Kohli was asked to share a few words on the great man.

The then 23-year old Delhi lad, already forecasted as India’s next batting great, revealed how watching Tendulkar’s exploits carved his resolve to forge his own future.

"Like me, most of the youngsters in India started playing because of him," Kohli said back then. "I remember when I was small my only dream was just to see him in real life.”

The fact that he ended up sharing the dressing room with him and know him more as a person was one of the greatest things to have ever happened to him.


Recently, swashbuckling Aussie all-rounder Glen Maxwell got India’s current captain in test cricket to open about his relationship with Sachin Tendulkar.

"I started playing cricket because of him and I was inspired to do the things that he did playing for the country," Kohli echoed.

"He really helped me with little things that I could improve on in my game. If he saw something he would come up to me himself and tell me, which is quite rare. You don't have people of his stature come up and talk to youngsters like that."

Today, Virat Kohli is setting batting records at will and looks like the most likely candidate to emulate his idol. One hopes that a day will come where there will be another young, exciting batsman who would be talking about how he was inspired by Kohli to take up the sport, in a manner in which Tendulkar is to Kohli.

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