Advice for fast bowlers to prevent back injuries

The best examples of this are two of India’s fastest bowlers; Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadav, who have faced a host of back injuries in the past which included multiple stress fractures.

So, here is a list of tips which can be crucial for any budding fast bowler to prevent any back injuries:

Examine The Run-Up And Bowling Action


It is important to have your bowling action checked by a coach to get it right. The approach to the crease along with the action has to be smooth enough to avoid putting a lot of stress on the back. Getting this ‘rhythm’ right has been stressed upon a lot and it can definitely help you become a better bowler.

Importance Of Warm up


Warm ups are important - like sprints and stretching exercises - which prepare the body for the season ahead. The body is usually in a rest phase and suddenly exposing it to the rigorous task of bowling can have an adverse impact on the back along with other body parts.

Stretch Those Hips

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Stretching your hips and hip rotation exercises are often the ones, which when concentrated upon, can help one reduce stress on the lower back. It is way more helpful than trying to stretch your lower back.

Core Stability Exercises

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The stomach and back muscles form the core of the body. Doing core stability and strengthening exercises with advice from a certified medical professional is extremely important to avoid stressing your back.

Getting The Right Footwear

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The right footwear with proper cushioning helps in reducing the impact on the back. Insoles with shock absorbing qualities can also help do the job.

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