Cricket gives Fazal a winning mentality

It’s fun to play, says the software engineer.

Fazal Ali is 31-year-old software engineer with WebEngage, who tries to play football at least once a week. Even though he doesn’t follow football a lot, he considers Messi the best. He plays for a local club in Mazagaon called Armaan Youth Association (AYA).

Which is your favourite sport? Why do you love it?

My favourite sport is cricket. Being an Indian, we are most exposed to cricket. Since my school days, I always played cricket. It’s only recently that I’ve started playing football. I love playing cricket. Right from childhood, I was passionate about it and winning was always on my mind.

What’s the most difficult part about playing?

I’m 31 and after college days I haven’t played much. So at this age it becomes difficult to keep up. Playing cricket or football is not enough, you have to maintain your fitness.

How do you overcome it?

I go to the gym and try to be fit. Once I’m fit. I’m able to play cricket and football efficiently.

Any message for our readers?

I can’t say much but everyone should know that it’s fun to play. We occupy ourselves too much with work, so if we just manage our time well, we can enjoy these things.

 This interview was conducted at the Kunal Sports Arena in Goregaon. Click here to know more.

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