Some of the top indoor places to play football in Mumbai

Whether it is the rains or the lack of space or a liking for floodlights and AstroTurf, there are many reasons why Mumbaikars choose to visit football facilities. Here we zero in on some of the best places to play football in the maximum city.

Mumbai is home to plenty of indoor sports arenas so it is important to choose the right one. Photo credits: Kunal Sports Arena, Facebook

There is no doubt that Mumbaikars are passionate about their football. While some turn to packed eateries to watch a live match, others gather clad in their favourite gear for a game of football. So, as you decide as to where to go for your next office or building football session, here are some of the best places where you can enjoy a good game uninterruptedly.

The Arena, Chakala, Andheri (East)

The easily accessible location of The Arena is a main reason for people preferring to come here. Photo credit: The Arena India

Open from 6 am to 2 am, this 15,000 square feet terrace is host to what Abhishek Bangor (director, The Arena India) terms as a multi-sport arena. It has the latest equipment for every sport from football to cricket and volleyball and has a high-quality AstroTurf and floodlights.

Like most places, the fee is charged on an hourly basis starting from Rs 1,000, with the highest being Rs 2,000 per hour. Discounts are also offered ranging from 10 to 12 percent for events and tournaments. Amenities on offer are changing rooms, washrooms, lockers, player dugouts and spectator space. There is parking available in the premises too.

Mr Bangor brings up the benefits of its easily accessible location. “It is very convenient. It can be seen from the metro and is next to Courtyard by Marriot. Commuting between places to our location can be done by various modes like metro, bus and more. That’s why people prefer coming here,” he says.

Learn more about The Arena here.

Kick Off, Oshiwara, Andheri (West)

Yogesh Advani, co-founder at Kick-off, decided to pay a premium for a good quality turf. Photo credit: Kick Off Arena

Located on the second floor of Om Heera Panna Mall, Kick Off has a 5,000 square foot FIFA-approved turf and is used for five-a-side indoor football. It is a roof-top ground replete with nets and has a changing room and seating capacity of 20-25. It also offers coaching facilities to kids during summers and winters. From Monday to Friday, the hourly rates are Rs 1,000 from seven in the morning till 6 pm. They also rent out football shoes and bibs with the turf being open till 11 pm. You can also host birthday parties and corporate events. It is a popular hotspot for the college-going public and corporates honchos.

Yogesh Advani, co-founder at Kick-off, highlights their choice of turf. “The pitch that we have is a European pitch. A lot of people go for Chinese but we paid a premium for this pitch to have good quality,” he says. He goes on to talk about the crowd that frequents the arena. “We have a mixed crowd. I would say there are three different categories - building friends, office goers and college people.”

Learn more about Kick Off here.

Kunal Sports Arena, Goregaon East

The Kunal Sports Arena has specialized in hosting events and tournaments throughout the year. Photo credits: Kunal Sports Arena, Facebook

Located near Goregaon Station and well-connected to the Western Express highway, Kunal Sports Arena offers a great retreat for corporates. It is located on the terrace and has two similarly sized courts for eight-a-side football and boasts a seating capacity of 100. Well-equipped changing rooms and parking facilities are provided and, with speakers and mikes installed, it is well-prepared to host events or functions. Tables and food arrangements too can be taken care of if required. Prices start from Rs 1,000 and can go up to Rs 4,000 depending on the timing.

Ramesh Patel, manager at the Kunal Sports Arena, points out the uniqueness of the facilities offered. “We have a specialisation in hosting events because the kind of amenities we have at our facility. That makes us one of the favourites of corporates throughout the year, who book us for their quarterly or half-yearly events. Once you hire the entire ground, it is a private affair uninterrupted by others,” he explains.

Learn more about Kunal Sports Arena here.

Tiger Play, Andheri West & Malad

Tiger Play started out as a live showroom and is now has five different venues. Photo credits: Tiger Play, Facebook

Tiger Play offers an upscale experience for those who are interested in more than the bare necessities. It has three facilities in Mumbai, one in Malad and two in Andheri West. All venues are 6,000 square feet in area and apart from their 60x100-foot Futsal turf from New Zealand, they also have facilities for basketball, rink hockey, box-cricket and golf-putting. There is another very important embellishment in the form of a health cafeteria. The hourly rates range from ₹ 1800 to ₹ 2 000.

Sachin Sanghvi, designer of Tiger Play, explains how the Tiger Play idea came into being. “We were already supplying turf to others…so we thought of creating a place that could act as a live showroom. It’s more than goal posts, net and turf. It's about the experience when people come into your facility. You give them a good time in terms of surroundings and stuff,” he says.

Learn more about Tiger Play here.

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