Improve ball control in six easy ways

Dribbling has been an art that has drawn many to the sport of football. Coupled with the technique of ball control, it has led the ‘masters’ to set up many beautiful goals that find its place in the annals of the game. Be it Leo Messi, Ronaldinho, George Best or Cruyff – all these legends of ball control have gone ahead to only add magic to the sport.

Now, after digging into the technique, here are a few tips on gaining perfect ball control that we would like to share:

Always Remain Light On Those Feet

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You have to be really agile while dodging those defenders. Stay on the balls of your feet, and not your heels. Work those calves and make those thighs robust and sinewy. And remember…never forget to stay jumpy!

Dribble All Day, And All Night

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Keep the ball close to you while dribbling. Before the ‘penultimate’ moment, the strategy, the moves must be cast on your brain like a blueprint. These skills should work as a perfect foil to your reflexes.

Sharpen Your Reflexes

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Light boxing, coin catch, playing catch with a ball are some ways to improve your eye-to-limb co-ordination. It’ll help you respond more efficiently to an oncoming obstacle. This is key to dribbling and ball possession. A ball deflected (or not) in time could win you tournaments!

Eyes On The Ball, Please

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The entire game is focused around it. Never lose sight of the ball – losing possession means losing balance. Also, learn to be at the right place, at the right time. Mapping and predicting your opponent’s next move is an outcome of sheer analysis.

Run, Forrest, Run

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An athletic body is half the battle won. Your reflexes and dribbling skills then find a place in a perfect mould. Warm-ups are as vital as cool-downs. An abrupt halt to your routine could damage the functioning of your heart.

A Strict Routine Is A Must

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Consistency is one of the key elements in this case. A gap in your fitness regime might take you back to square one.  Every branch of skill is indispensable to become an ace midfielder or an attacker. A strict regime could also prolong your professional career.

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