Six ways to minimize injuries in football

The most-loved sport in the world makes for a fun watch, but playing football does take a toll on one’s body. Injuries are a part and parcel of any game, especially if it’s a contact sport.

The body requires a lot of conditioning in order to compete and it’s important maintain it in the best possible way. We list out six basic points which will definitely help in minimising the risk of injuries:

Warm Up And Cool Down

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It is absolutely imperative that one does proper stretching and warm-up exercises before the actual training starts. They help in reducing pain, soreness and also avoiding injuries like sprains and strains. Cooldowns after playing also help in reducing injuries as it relaxes your muscles.

Shin Guards

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Good quality shin guards are extremely necessary to protect your shins as they are most likely to get injured on the playing field. Clashes of the shins are regular occurrences and it is very important to make sure one doesn’t end up with a broken tibia.

Maintenance Of The Field


 All the training and skill can go to waste if the playing surface is not well-maintained. Things like puddles, holes, debris like stones and just plain uneven surfaces can cause serious harm to a player’s body.

Take Adequate Rest


A sport like football takes a heavy toll on a player’s body and a good night’s sleep can do wonders for its recovery. Plus, it is said that it is good to take a break from the sport for around three months in a year in order to avoid overworking your body and reduce the chances of injury.

Off-Season Conditioning


Injuries of the muscle along with strains and sprains have a high chance of occurring during the opening leg of the season as the body takes time to get used to the physical activity. During your break, it is important to do some light physical activity like jogging and running. Doing time in the gym can also help build up strength in the body, but it is important not to stress it too much.

Think About Your Head


Heading the ball is a crucial part of playing football. If a player is hit on head by the ball, it is important take time out and get your bearings right. In case the player is feeling dizzy, then he/she must get a check-up done immediately for signs of concussion. Also, it is important that the ball doesn’t get too heavy due to playing in wet fields and is made of non-absorbing quality.

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