Apoorva overcomes injuries to play football

Playing sports is your best chance of staying fit, says Apoorva.

Apoorva Devne, 21, is a final-year Electronics student in the Thakur College of Engineering and Technology in Mumbai. An ardent follower of Manchester United FC, he hails Lionel Messi as his favourite footballer. One of his fondest football memories is being part of a scintillating comeback by his club, Phoenix FC, in a friendly fixture recently. He plays football twice a week.

Why is football your favourite sport? And how did you fall in love with it?

Football is a challenging sport. It is refreshing because of how fast it is. You have to think on your feet. Above all, it is about having fun. You’re lucky if you have a set of friends who are ready to play regularly. That always made me look forward to the game.

What was the most difficult part of playing your favourite sport?

Injuries are a real concern. I have had a knee dislocation, which was painful, and it kept me away from the game for a short while.

How did you overcome these difficulties?

My recovery was largely due to the steady physiotherapy that I opted for. I had to work out a bit as well. Eventually I was able to return to the field.

What message do you have for others to encourage them to play their favourite sport?

People must understand that playing sports is their best chance of staying fit. Yes, there are other ways but the easiest way to stay healthy is to play a sport that you like. 

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