Be it TT or football, Mehul is always having a ball

It is necessary to clear your mind and sport does that brilliantly field says, Mehul

Mehul Jain, 24, works as a visual designer at WebEngage in Mumbai. A staunch supporter of Liverpool FC, Mehul admires Steven Gerrard. Studying at the St Paul High School, he represented his school, not just in football but basketball and volleyball as well. Currently, he plays football once a week but also ensures a daily dose of table tennis when he is at work.

Why is it your favourite sport? And how did you fall in love with it?

I love football because of the energy involved. I remember the first football game I watched was Liverpool vs AC Milan in a Champions League finale and since then, I got really involved in the game.

What was the most difficult part about playing?

The biggest challenge is finding time to play.

How did you overcome these difficulties?

My office encourages us to play sports. So we get a chance to play after work.

What message do you have for others to encourage them to play their favorite sport?

You can’t work all the time. Hence the time you get for yourself, you should use to play sports. It is necessary to clear your mind and sport does that brilliantly. It is also a ‘feel good’ thing, so I suggest others should play the sport they love.

This interview was conducted at the Kunal Sports Arena in Goregaon. Click here to know more.

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