Suraj rolls back the years with his football addiction

For Suraj Shetty, sport is the ultimate high.

Suraj Shetty, a 28-year-old Senior Account Manager at The Digital Street, is fond of Lionel Messi and Manchester United. He once won a football game with his junior college team, after going 4-0 down at half-time amid torrential rain and unplayable conditions. “That was a great team to be part of,” he recalls fondly as they went on to win the district level trophy. He now manages to don his football boots once every two weeks in spite of a busy work schedule.

Why do you love football? And how did you fall in love with it?

It’s an all-round sport. It keeps you very energetic. I feel very good after playing football, which was certainly not the case with the other sports that I played. So I was a cricket fan as a kid, like every Indian. During the 2002 World Cup, David Beckham and Ronaldo had some crazy hairstyles which were all over the news. I wanted to know why people are so crazy about hairstyles, so that’s when I started watching it at my friend’s place and fell in love with it.

What is the most difficult part of playing football?

Managing time and trying to find the time to play football. Lately, I’ve become quite health-conscious and football is one of the top things as far as improving that. I’m trying but it’s difficult.

How do you overcome this difficulty?

I’ve made a conscious decision to take some time from work and make time for this. It’s kind of an impromptu decision.

Any message for our readers?

I think if you play any sport, you will want to keep on playing it. Sports is like a drug. You just have to start doing it, like anything else in life, because it gives you such a good feeling. You’ll enjoy it more than anything; it’ll give you a change from your daily routine.

This interview was conducted at the Kunal Sports Arena in Goregaon. Click here to know more.

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