My sporty dream,Now a reality
My sporty dream,Now a reality
My sporty dream,Now a reality

What is the LYD programme?

Mad about sports? Do you have a sporty dream?

If you want to fund a fitness certification course, OR buy a new treadmill, OR if your neighbourhood club needs new kits, OR if you want to take a trek in the Himalayas OR even if you just need a new pair of quality football studs…

…then the Live Your Dream programme can help you! ....because while dreaming is free, making your dreams a reality always costs BIG! Live Your Dream provides a platform to fund these dreams by referring Zeven product.

Who is eligible?

To apply for the programme, you first need to be completely mad about sports and fitness!

You should also be:

  • An Indian citizen 18 years and above

  • Have a genuine sports or fitness need which if addressed, will help improve your game or overall physical fitness

We will prioritize goals that positively impact Indian communities; we also encourage applicants to find sports organizations and services in India.

How does it work?

Applying for the programme is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Apply

    Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully
    Fill out and submit the Live Your Dream application form
    Tell us more about your sports or fitness goal and the amount you are looking to raise

  2. Acitivate campaigner code

    After selection, complete the steps to get your unique Campaigner Code

  3. Refer

    Refer people to or Zeven retails stores
    Customers get a 20% discount* when they use your Campaigner Code online or in-store
    You can track your referrals on the Zevenworld portal

  4. Fund

    A 25% of the sales through referrals goes into your Zeven account towards your dream
    Get your earnings credited directly into your bank account!
    Fund your goal!