Zeven Live Your Dream programme:


  • 'Programme' refers to the 'Zeven Live Your Dream' programme

  • 'Zeven' refers to company SX Sports Pvt. Ltd

  • 'Applicant' refers to the person (or organization) applying (or planning to apply) to the Programme

  • 'Campaigner' refers to a person selected for the Programme

  • 'Referred customer' is a person who has been recommended by the Campaigner to purchase Zeven Products


  • An applicant is required to complete the online form through www.zevenworld.com

  • Only one live application is allowed per applicant at a given time

  • To cancel a submitted application, the applicant needs to send an email with valid reasons to marketing@zevenworld.com

  • The Programme ends when Campaigners have reached their stated goal (or) after a period of 1 year from the date Campaigners receive their code

  • A Campaigner can re-apply once their Programme has ended

  • One unique email ID has to be used for all purposes of the Programme

Selection and confirmation

  • Zeven estimates an application processing time of 2-3 business days

  • An applicant's goal must be related to sports or fitness and must address a genuine need which, if addressed, will improve their game or overall physical fitness

  • Zeven will admit applicants based on their answers on the application form. Applicants must answer all questions sincerely

  • Zeven reserves the right to reject any incomplete applications or any applications that don’t meet eligibility criteria

  • Zeven might contact applicants (via email or phone) for further clarification on any component of their application

  • Zeven will contact selected Campaigners via email

  • Programme earnings will be paid by Zeven to a bank account as provided by the Campaigner

  • Only one bank account can be provided per Campaigner

  • A Campaigner who is successfully inducted into the programme will be provided with a referral code

  • Zeven conducts product training sessions at its cost for Campaigners to gain product knowledge


  • Referred customers must purchase Zeven product on shop.zevenworld.com or at exclusive Zeven retail stores

  • Referred customers HAVE to use the Campaigner’s unique code while making the purchase. Any sale made without the use of the coupon code will not be considered to be eligible for payout or discount

  • Referred customers receive 20% off on non-discounted items when they use the Campaigner’s unique code (online or in-store). Customers do not get a discount on items that are already on discount

  • 25% of the referral sales made upon using a Campaigner’s unique code will be credited to the relevant Campaigner as earnings. The % will be calculated on net sale price. (E.g.: If a product is for ₹ 1,000. The customer gets it for ₹ 800 and the campaigner is eligible for a payout of ₹ 200 on eligible sales. This is calculated on the net sales of ₹ 800)

  • A Campaigner's referral tracker will be updated on their Zevenworld account every 2 days

  • The Zevenworld tracker will show sales and amount for products that have been delivered AND not refunded. Data is calculated for referral sales only after a period of 15 days of actual sales captured, as there is a 7 day product transfer and 7 day return policy

  • Campaigners can get people to help them with referrals, however, earnings will ONLY be credited into one bank account provided on the Bank Details form

  • If no referral sales are made for a consecutive period of 2 months, the corresponding code will be de-activated


  • Earnings from eligible referral sales will be credited into the Campaigner’s bank account every 15 working days

  • A Campaigner's code will expire when they achieve their goal amount (or) 1 year from the date they receive your code; whichever comes first

  • In case a Campaigner meets their goal, the last referral sale will be considered beyond which the code will be deactivated

  • Campaigners will not receive any earnings after code expiration

Code of conduct

  • Zeven is not responsible if Campaigners use earnings for items other than their goal as stated on the application form

  • Application to the Programme is voluntary; Zeven is not responsible if participation in the Programme conflicts with an applicant or Campaigner’s existing employment’s terms

  • Zeven reserves the right to postpone change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or cancel the Activity at any time or to accept or reject any entries at their absolute discretion without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, any point of time and the applicant or Campaigner shall not bring any claim against Zeven in this regard

  • A Campaigner indemnifies Zeven from any taxes resulting out of the pay-out, which will be the sole responsibility of the Campaigner

  • A Campaigner is neither a distributor nor an authorized representative of the company and acts in his/her individual capacity

  • Zeven is not responsible for any acts of Campaigners of any nature, including but not limited to financial liability

  • Zeven reserves the right to terminate the application at its own discretion

  • Zeven reserves the right to deactivate a Campaigner’s code at any given time during the Programme if the Campaigner is in violation of any of the above terms and conditions