Be careful: Ways you could be penalised

There is no point playing if you’re not keeping it fair. So here are a few things to know to ensure that you have a smooth game of hockey.

Every sport has a few basic know-hows and hockey - or ‘field hockey’ to be precise - is no different. If you are one of those who are new to the sport and wish to play it, here are the important things you should know about if you want to avoid trouble:

Face The Stick

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Players are allowed to play the ball only with the face of the stick. Using the back of the stick is not permitted whatsoever. So, always hold the stick in a way it should be and always stay in control.

No Stick To Tackle

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Tackling has to be in such a way that no contact is made with the opponent and their stick. Precision is key when you’re trying to snatch the ball away from the opposition, then.

No Football, Please!

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If the ball comes in contact with the feet accidentally, then the player will be penalised provided it benefits him/her. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use his feet in this game.

From The Sidelines

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If the ball is on the sideline, then it is deemed to be in play. If it crosses the line, then the sideline hit can be taken only by the player from the team who wasn’t the last to touch it.

Up In The Air


When taking a hit, the ball cannot be raised in the air. To play an aerial shot, it can be done using techniques like scooping and long pushing of the stick. It cannot be above shoulder height, in a way that it is dangerous to another player. However, attacking a goal is an exception to this rule.

It’s Only A Goal When...


Field goals can be scored only within the semi-circular area or shooting circle, in front of the goal. Shots on the goal from outside this area are not counted even if it touched by a defender on the way through.

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