Styles that define a Boxer

Boxing is one of the most popular contact sports in the world and we take a look at the basic styles of the boxers.

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Boxing as a sport just doesn’t involve punching the hell out of each other! It involves a lot of training to build up the necessary skills, strength, stamina and also the mental fortitude to get in the ring. There are four basic styles involved in boxing and one can adapt a particular style to reap its benefits. However, there is no one style which lords over the rest and it is necessary adapt these styles to different opponents and conditions. Here’s an insight into each of these four boxing styles:


They are the ‘proper’ boxers from a technical standpoint and are equally adept at both offense and defence. Quick on their feet, they always keep a distance from their opponents and their punches have a longer range. Not very powerful, they tend to tire down their opponents and then swoop in with their hits. A fight between two such boxers can be a bit boring and they do well against sluggers, but a swarmer can really throw them off their game.

Notable examples include Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Sonny Liston.


They are the type who try overcome their opponents through constant pressure. They have tremendous strength and stamina due to which they are able to throw a lot more punches than the Out-Boxer. They also can take a few punches as they tend to get closer to their opponents and are aggressive. Also, they are fast and rely on a flurry of punches to get more knockouts in their favour. However, it is difficult to maintain this approach over a longer period of time and Swarmers either have shorter careers or modify their game over time.

Best examples are Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, and Joe Frazier.


These are the types that bring brutality into the game. They are not technically very good and are quite slow with their in-ring movement. But, they make up for it with raw power with the ability to knock the opponent out with one single punch. Sluggers have the ability absorb punches as they should in order to last longer. A Slugger vs. Swarmer fight can be the most entertaining match to watch because of the aggression and punches thrown. They are less calculated and tend to go for the jugular whenever the opportunity arises.

Best examples are George Foreman, Vitali Klitschko, and Ann Wolfe.


They are the ones who technically are usually as good as the Out-Boxers with a good defence and counter-punching abilities. The big thing here is that they usually are as powerful as Sluggers and quicker. They possess aggressive punching skills which help to counter Swarmers and the speed helps to keep Out-Boxers at bay. It is the Sluggers that trouble them the most as one punch could spell the end. Their style is often similar to either a Slugger or an Out-Boxer depending on their opponent.

Notable examples include Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, and Laila Ali.

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