Climb the stairway to health

Have you seen athletes, boxers, football players, run up and down the concrete terraces of a stadium?  There is a good possibility that their trainers have told them that staircase climbing is a great exercise for the lower body and burns more cal

In fact, one of India’s foremost explorers, Satyabrata Dam, suggests that you find the tallest building in town – especially one that will allow access to the staircase – and climb the steps. “It is the simplest way in which to get fit,” he says. “I have always suggested this to anyone who wants to take the first steps towards achieving fitness.”

Staircase climbing is said to be a great cardiovascular exercise as it gets the heart to beat quicker besides strengthening the lower body – the glutes, thighs and calves. Some trainers go to the extent of saying that the best way to melt ‘love handles’ is to climb stairs regularly. After all, it uses gravity as an aid during the workout, making you work hard to carry your weight higher.

So then, do you want to burn more calories doing something simpler than jogging for the same amount of time? Are you game to give staircase climbing a shot? What’s more, it is totally free, does not need special gear and does not need you to step out of your office premises or your apartment complex!

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