Ameya is always up for a midnight swim

Once you start playing, you will find ways of getting back on the field, says Ameya Lotligar

Ameya Lotligar, 32, works in a media agency in Mumbai. He follows the Indian Cricket Team passionately and Sachin Tendulkar is his favorite sportsperson. His passion for swimming made him learn the sport and he was then able to coach others, which he considers his best achievement in sports.

Why is it your favourite sport? And how did you fall in love with it?

Cricket and swimming both, I am equally passionate about them. I love swimming freestyle, because it engages your entire body. Also, it is the best workout; if you swim for 45 minutes daily, that sets you up for all the fitness you need.

I met a group of swimmers when I was in college. I used to hang out with them a lot and they liked me, so they taught me the sport. I found out that I was good at it and eventually they even offered me a part-time job of a swimming coach.

What was the most difficult part of playing your favorite sport?

I get done with work late in the night so there is no scope to play after work. And because I get in late, I don’t get up early in the morning to play. I am ready to go swimming even after midnight because that’s when I am free but unfortunately, there is hardly any place that is open that late in the night.

How did you overcome these difficulties?

My boss encourages us to take up sports. So whenever we finish work early, we get a chance to play, even on weekdays.

What message do you have for others to encourage them to play your favorite sport?

You need to play something or the other. Pick a sport you love and just play. Once you start playing, you will find ways of getting back on the field.

This interview was conducted at the Kunal Sports Arena in Goregaon. Click here to know more.

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