How to prepare for a 100m run

Many people believe that preparation for short dashes like 100m isn’t much, as compared to longer distances. The truth is, physical development and mental conditioning is important for an athlete who is participating in any sport, leave alone a 100m run. Here’s how one should go about it:

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Practice And More Of It

Like all other forms of athletics, practice is a necessity before hitting the tracks. Running against faster opponents is always better as it acts as a barometer for where you really stand. Also, one must try practicing on softer surfaces which are less taxing on the feet.

Warm Up Is Essential

A 100m sprint is high on intensity and requires hefty leg and core strength. Since our body is not accustomed to such vigour on a daily basis, one must stretch and jog a couple of laps before actually hitting the tracks. This will constitute as a light warm up.

Master The Technique

Mastering the technique can avoid injuries. Right from propelling one’s body during the start to sprinting on toes, technique cannot be compromised while running in a strenuous format like 100m. Apart from avoiding injuries one can also increase their speed by executing the correct technique.

Watch Your Food

As mentioned earlier, a 100m dash is really high on intensity. The demanding nature of the race requires the body to have adequate fuel. Protein sources like soyabean, pulses, chicken and fish should be added as part of the diet. Greens like spinach and fruits like bananas also supply the required nutrients and minerals.

Getting The Footwear Right

Selecting the right pair of shoes is absolutely necessary for any form of running. The shoes have to be light and the fit shouldn’t be too tight but snug. One more important part of the footwear is socks, which are often ignored. Thick socks with higher percentage of wool or other materials like nylon are better suited to running than regular cotton socks as they help in avoiding blisters.

There’s A Mental Side Too

Nerves come into play when participating in an exhilarating contest. It is important for the contestant to have a calm state of mind. In order to do so, one must indulge in pre-run rituals like listening to music, conversing with themselves, praying, doing whatever it takes to clear the mind and focus on the race.

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