The Unique Benefits Of Running For Women

Running has plenty of benefits, it’s good for your health, fights illnesses, gets you on a high and keeps you fit generally. Now, that’s across any demographic. But what unique benefits do women get? Read on to find out:

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An Australian research suggests that running from an early age is good, especially before turning 18 as that’s the age where the bone built up for adolescent girls is at its peak; around 90 percent levels. This early bone development, and running can factor that, helps later in life when the bone mass starts depleting and potentially leading to osteoporosis, the risk of which is 4 times than higher for women than for men.


Sustained running over a period of time culls a certain potent type of estrogen that helps established breast cancer to grow, as per a study by Harvard University. Treatment of such ailments usually involves reducing the amount of estrogen in the body. Running can help reduce the risk of developing breast as well as uterine cancer as the estrogen levels and types are more in control.


According to experts, running is also believed to lessen the intensity and the regularity of mood changes along with controlling hot flushes. Additionally, it may aid in keeping weight in check linked with menopause. But these benefits are likely to be gifted to only some women. Furthermore, running frequently also boosts the libido, more likely due to the fact that the exercise provides intangible gains like being in shape. With less stress and high energy and confidence, it balloons into additional gains.

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