Is group running a better option? Fitness trainer Praful Uchil nods in agreement

The CEO and co-founder at Striders Fitness-Training Group sheds light on why group-running might just be the better alternative.

Praful Uchil provides the advantages and disadvantages to running in a group. Photo credits: iStock

Praful Uchil is a dynamic fitness trainer with over 12 years of experience. He is constantly looking to challenge his students. A question Praful is often asked is, “What are the merits of running alone versus running in a group?” As a coach, he may have some bias towards running in groups but he also gives solid reasons to back up his statements.

Beating the monotony

Running in groups, Praful insists, takes care of the big problem of monotony. “I would recommend group-running as it gets monotonous (running alone). It should be goal-oriented as you have to psyche yourself to run. The best bet is to run with people who you usually talk with – a phenomenon known as ‘talking pace’. It is comfortable and there is plenty of entertainment and joy,” he says.

Extra motivation

It’s been noticed that people often tend to stop abruptly when they are running alone. Praful cites the lack of motivation as a major factor for this. “When you lag, people push and motivate you. This can’t happen when you are running solo because there is no one around you to encourage,” Praful explains.

Networking is easy

Praful also underlines networking as another key benefit that comes with group running. “You network and meet new people. The biggest plus is that you run with familiar faces. It turns out to be a fun experience,” he says.

The only downside

However, group running might not be for everyone. “The downside is that you do not know the running schedules of people you are unfamiliar with. In case of a workout, you must plan and stick to it. For example, to run a 20k, at a certain speed, the best bet is to run with a group which can match your pace,” Praful concludes.

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