These tips from 'Devvani' will keep you running in the rain

If running in the rain is proving to be a hindrance, then perhaps these gems of advice could keep you going.

Devendra Mane stars in Devvani, a light, quick and educational series for runners. Photo credit: Kalyan Dombivali Runners, Facebook

“Beginners especially treat the monsoon season as a break period,” Devendra Mane observes. “They ask how would they dry their shoes and stuff like that. Their inhibitions are very simple.”

Devendra, a certified running coach, noticed that people tend to avoid running in the rain and decided to act upon it. It resulted in ‘Devvani’, a light, quick and educational video that is sure to help many. Here are the steps you need to know before going out for a run in the rain.

Staying visible

Foggy windshields, windscreen wipers, and rain drops make visibility a great hazard during the rains. This is how Devendra recommends you stay as easily noticeable to others. “Number one is that you should be visible. If you are on the road in the rain, you might not be visible to people who are driving. Hence, it is necessary to wear neon coloured clothes in shades of yellow, orange or green. It will make you visible.”

Wear a cap or a hat

Your own vision is important too and to keep a clear eye on where you are going, Devendra has a simple solution. “Always to wear a cap or a hat. It will keep the rain away from your face and not block your vision.”

Warm up inside

Warm ups and stretching are essential to both preventing injury and getting the best out of your body. Here is how Devendra suggests you do so during the rains. “You need to do your warm up inside. Warm up is very important for exercise and since it will be raining outside you need to do this warm up indoors. Don't miss out on your stretching.”

Wear the right stuff

People might think that there is a way to cover themselves from the rain by running but Devendra corrects them of that notion. “It is important to understand that you are going to get wet. There is no point in wearing a raincoat for a run. Wearing a raincoat will make you feel very, very hot. Try and where technical clothes. Dry-fit socks, nylon socks ensure that you do not get blisters on your feet. If you don't get blisters on your feet the best thing to do is apply petroleum jelly.”

Prevent chafing

Every runner knows the perils of chafing or when your skin rubs against itself or clothing. Devendra suggests a way to reduce it. “On the point of petroleum jelly one important thing you have to remember is that there are very high chances of chafing during monsoon. So you will need to apply Vaseline to places you think you will get chafed and go out for your runs.”

Dry those shoes

Another pet peeve for runners but Devendra has a suprsingnly simple solution for this common problem. “Drying out shoes is a major challenge a lot of people comment to us about. It was pretty simple to dry them out. Loosely fill your shoes up after your runs with newspaper balls. Stuff them and put them under the fan and in 2 hours your shoes will be dry. They will be ready for the next day’s run!”

Caring for your valuables

Your gadgets can be the most expensive items that you carry around with you, so special care has to be taken during the monsoon season. Here’s how Devendra recommends you take care of your valuables. “When you go out for your run, try and avoid carrying your gadgets, however, if you are someone who wants to carry your phone or track your run (with a wearable), carry your valuables in a Ziploc bag. It will help you to keep them dry. If you are in the habit of carrying cash with you, keep that in the zip lock bag as well so that in case of any emergency you can use that money.”

Avoid stepping in potholes

Annoying nuisance or childish fun, every Indian is familiar with potholes, and during the rains it is doubly true. Devendra urges you to approach them with caution. “In India the quality of roads is not going to be very good that you can run on so be wary of the potholes on the road. If you see any kind of water accumulated on the road it is best not to step there because you don’t know how deep that ditch is going to be.”

Avoid stepping out in a thunderstorm

No matter how devoted you are to getting your run in, there are times when you have to call it off or turn to a treadmill. Devendra tells you when it is not a good idea to run in the rain and some precautions to take if you do get caught in bad weather. “While I said it can be brilliant to run in the rain, if there is lightning and thunderclouds outside, avoid stepping out. It is a general thumb rule to not stand under trees or light posts and stuff.”

If you are not convinced that running in the rain is a great idea, this article might change your mind!

Addressing inhibitions

These tips were sourced from Kalyan Dombivali Runners (KDR), a Mumbai-based running group, who wanted to help members of their community.

“We want to help them and explain concepts but people are not able to attend sometimes. So, we thought of this idea where we can share knowledge in a better way than a WhatsApp group message,” says Pratik Shetty, an admin of the group.

“We had a lot of thoughts internally and got an idea that we have a tenured runner with a lot of experience so we will take some of his experiences and share them so that runners can learn from it,” adds Vijit Shetty, another admin.

That tenured runner was RunBurn founder Devendra Mane. “The admin team approached me and it sounded interesting so we started ‘Devvani’, a series about various things related to running,” he points out.

“Devvani will be very helpful to beginners because it gives a lot of information about how you are supposed to run like if you are doing a four-km run, how many kilometres you need to walk and run… The second episode is regarding rain,” says Vijit.

To watch the video, here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.

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