Wearable technology and apps to help you track your goals

Technology has made a huge impact in our daily lives and it is in no way behind when it comes to matters of fitness. We list you some of the more useful apps and type of devices that can help a great deal to remain healthy:



RunKeeper (Facebook)

A popular app that tracks your speed, calories burnt, route and most other fitness activities with an option to sync with external heart rate monitors and your phone’s music app. Plus, a motivation and coaching guide to help you prepare for those marathon runs!


MapMyRun (Facebook)

You can record a majority of your fitness activities and stats with voice feedback that can be customized to suit your needs. Also has a feature to track your gear where you can add your shoes and track the mileage, helping you avoid injuries and notifying you of the time to change them.

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer (Facebook)

It is a pedometer app that helps you monitor your routine on the home screen. Helps keep a record of time, distance, calories burned along with a motivation feature to help you with that extra mile.



This is a new technology where bio-tracking clothes like t-shirts and socks are connected to your smart phone through an app to help track your heart rate, distance covered and biometric data real-time, with a higher level of accuracy.

Sleep Tracker

ANDREYPOPOV / iStock Photo

Getting a good sleep is very important to remain healthy. It helps track whether you are getting the right amount of sleep or not.

Heart Rate Monitor

BSWEI / iStock Photo

Tracking one’s heart beat and knowing whether you are in the ‘zone’ for burning calories. Also helps you to realize when you are overdoing the training bit.

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