History maker - Matej Toth

We take a look at the achievements of veteran Slovakian runner Matej Toth, who recently won the 2015 IAAF Race Walking Challenge Cup.


A three time Olympian and now history maker, Matej Toth etched his name into the history books by becoming the first individual from Slovakia to ever take gold in the IAAF World Championships after winning the 50 km walk in Beijing earlier in 2015.

Matej Toth was Slovak Athlete of the Year for 2006 and also bodes the Slovakian record of 3:39:46 hours for a 50km walk, set during his 2011 triumph of the Dudinska Patdesiatka race in Slovakia.

A well-known face in the race walking circuit, Matej Toth has won several accolades since making his debut in 1999 including golds in the 2010 World Race Walking Cup and 2011 European Race Walking Cup as well as silvers in the European Championships in 2014 and the European Race Walking Cup in 2015. However, his recent gold in the 2015 World Championships for the 50km walk remains the highlight of his career.

Major Career Achievements

2010 World Race Walking Cup, Mexico – Gold in 50km walk.

2011 European Race Walking Cup, Portugal – Gold in 20km walk.

2013 European Race Walking Cup, Slovakia – Bronze in 20km walk.

2014 European Championships, Zurich – Silver in 50km walk.

2015 European Race Walking Cup, Spain – Silver in 20km walk.

2015 World Championships, Beijing – Gold in 50km walk.

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