The intangible benefits of walking faster

Speedwalk can help you free your mind and relax you mentally. We tell you how walking a bit quicker can do you a world of good.

Sure, any sport can make you physically better. But none matches the power of a quick walk, that can be done consistently and with very little risk of injury. It just won’t stretch every muscle in your body, it can also energise you mentally. Here’s how Speedwalk does it:

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Mood Changer

When you are burdened with work, under pressure or enduring similar stress levels, the mind can often remain morbidly stuck in those situations. Ever returned home from work with work still on your mind? With no solution in sight? The trick is to take a step back. In this case, a step forward. In fact, several steps forward and quick ones. Thoughts may linger, but it may at least momentarily relax an overworked brain and ready it for the next assault. It's similar to the 'counting to 10' principle often applied in anger management techniques.

Rhythmic Setter

Speedwalk with purpose. Set goals with respect to time and distance. Once in motion, a rhythm develops to maintain the tempo. This very rhythm can be therapeutic as it releases pent-up energy in a consistent manner. There's something vague about the need for control, procedures and being organised in every one of us. Levels may vary, of course. Once that rhythm hits the sweet spot, you'll be in 'the zone'.


Walking that bit faster on a daily basis is physically healthy for you - burns fat, tones muscles, and the rest. The thought of that alone, the achievement of it releases the right chemicals in your body - over a period of time - relaxing you as you head out for a nice session of Speedwalk. It's a soothing exercise mentally, as you connect with your immediate environment. And the better the immediate environment, the soother it is.

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Nature Takes Over

Nothing can be a better healer than nature. Speedwalking in a park, riddled with trees and convenient paths, can make you more 'green' and it serves as a much needed distraction. Just listening to the rustling leaves and chirping birds, away from the honking urban roads early in the morning can elevate your day.

It's Your Style

Walking fast is easy. Sure you can Speedwalk, and keep within the techniques but if that's too much, then you can devise your own rules. Walk around the block, lap around your local park twice, whatever it is - you make the rules. There's only one rule - just walk fast. There's no commitment level that a gym demands. And let's face it, heading to the gym can be a task in itself. Walking fast is simple - you can even do it on your way to the gym! Define your own routine, set your own rhythm. Easy and stress-free, right?

Sense Of Achievement And Purpose

Set your target - that's your time and distance to cover - and go about and execute it. It's a simple task and after you have breezed around, you will feel a sense of achievement, having fulfilled your day's target. Do this over a period of time, and when it gets a bit easy to achieve your daily goals, move the goalposts a bit further. Covered a kilometre easily in 20 minutes? Try doing it in 16 minutes instead. Keep challenging yourself. Keep pushing. Keep achieving. Inject a little something more in every step. Try and better the time, every time. Challenge your own limits, don't worry about anything else.

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