Why your arms are key in Speedwalking

Swinging your arms the right way when on a Speedwalk has more meaning than you can imagine. Here’s why you shouldn’t underestimate its involvement.

A Speedwalk is not just about working your legs. It also encapsulates involving your whole body to help you lead a better life. And the role of your arms, like stepping techniques and posture, too holds key. Here's why:

Creates Momentum

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Holding your arms firm at a 90 degree angle and swinging them as you Speedwalk helps the body propel forward. This also ensures that your arms are occupied and getting their workout. You can also use your arms to assist you in varying your pace.

Works Abdominal Muscles

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You could try this right now: Just swing your arms as you would when on a Speedwalk, and you'll feel your abdominal muscles getting involved in the act. This translates into your upper body getting its dose of the exercise, providing better core strength.

Burns Calories

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The more you move, the more energy you consume. The more energy you consume, the more calories you burn. Speedwalk ensures that reserve or accumulated fat (if you have any) will be utilised. Just swing your arms to ensure that it’s done. This will also help you create a reserve of energy.

Indicator For Focus, Fatigue

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Should the swing in your arms (like the spring in your step) reduce, it's time to reevaluate your regimen. If you realise that you aren't swinging your arms the way you should, it suggests that you either need to get your focus back on track or that you're simply tired. If it's the latter, take a break.

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