Speedwalking regimen for weight loss

It is necessary to have a goal while embarking on a journey, however, a roadmap to your goal will ensure that you get there sooner rather than later. Speedwalking is a sport that is not only exciting but also rewarding in terms of weight loss when

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Go through the following workout schedule to optimize your speedwalking routine and lose those unwanted pounds in fairly quick time. Make sure to adopt a measured approach and your ‘target walking pace’ should be between 50 and 70 percent of maximum heart rate.

Regimen 1 – Slow and steady

This routine involves brisk walking for half an hour. You can begin your walk by easing into the process for the first five minutes. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles before starting the speedwalk. Once the body is warmed up you can hit full throttle. When ending the regimen, remember again to stretch and allow your body to relax. Time can be extended as and when your body gets used to the routine and builds more stamina. Perform this activity once or twice a week.

Regimen 2 – The next level

Go for this hour-long routine once your body is attuned to the sport. Speedwalking offers benefits when you challenge yourself. Warm up for the first five minutes by walking at a snail’s pace and once the muscles are ready, you can shift gears. Go on with the ‘target walking pace’ for the next fifty minutes. This extended routine helps build endurance and burn more calories. Slow down, walk at ease for five minutes while ending the regimen and then stretch and rest. Opt for this regimen at least once a week.

Regimen 3 – Go for the kill!

A healthy mix of the above-mentioned routines, Regimen 3 makes speedwalking challenging. It involves brisk walking for thirty minutes, then walking at a slower pace for the next one hour. It is imperative to begin and end all regimens with gentle stretching.

As this is a time consuming activity, opting for like-minded company might be a good idea. This regimen can be performed with a buddy or in a group as well. Opting for ‘Regimen 3’ once a week will help you get fit and lose weight quickly.

Strengthening the body

Your lower body needs to be in top shape if you want to engage in speedwalking on a long-term basis. Muscles need to be toned to be able to pull off these three regimens regularly. Strength training also helps in burning calories. Exercises such as squats and lunges are a must to strengthen your lower body.

Rest day

Even a machine needs regular maintenance and oiling; similarly your body deserves at least one rest day in a week. Ensure you sleep adequately (between 6 and 8 hours daily). Initially, you can opt for two “rest” days, however, do not extend them to thrice a week.

The schedule

If you are new to speedwalking, start with Regimen 1 and 2. Strength training exercises can be clubbed with Regimen 1 days or you can also dedicate a day to strength training. As and when your body is up for the challenge, introduce Regimen 3 into your weekly routine. The time taken and the speed at which you walk can also be altered as per your endurance.

Speedwalking tones your muscles, keeps cholesterol levels in check and burns calories resulting in weight loss. Weight loss requires patience and perseverance and when performed regularly these regimens can help you attain your ideal weight.

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