Keep walking: Five myths busted

Walking Doesn’t Help With Weight Loss

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Walking helps in burning calories and anything that does so can help in weight loss! Walking for 30-60 minutes daily has significant health benefits and Speedwalking helps in burning more calories than normal walking as more muscles are used. Walking at a brisk pace for around an hour can help burn 500 calories per day and doing this seven days a week can help shed a pound.

Walking Doesn’t Require Equipment

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It does require equipment, but not a lot of it. A good pair of running shoes is a must along with appropriate clothing. Also, a pedometer or a heart-rate monitor can help keep track of calories burnt and whether you are in the calorie-burning zone or not.

Walking Is As Effective As Jogging/Running

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Yes, Speedwalking does help in shedding a lot of those calories but jogging and running do help a bit more. Jogging/running involves the use of a lot more of your muscles thereby putting stress on it. The risk of injury in Speedwalking though is much lesser.

Few Months Is Good Enough to Train For A Marathon

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Races are grueling and take a big toll on the body. They are definitely not for everyone. It needs anywhere around eight to nine months training – and that’s recommended for a beginner!

Walking With Weights Is Good

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Many people suggest using ankle weights and shoulder weights as means of increasing strength and stamina and term it as ‘powerwalking’. Experts however recommend not using weights as it increases the risk of injury as it may not be for everybody.

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