How fast do you need to walk to keep fit?

Lock The Distance

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It is important to have a set distance to walk every day and to keep track of the time taken to cover it. The aim should be to gradually decrease the time taken to cover that stretch. Once the pace gradually increases, the range should be increased as well. The idea is to keep pushing. Studies suggest that walking for around 30 minutes at a brisk pace could help burn around 150 calories daily.

Pace Yourself

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To cover more distance in a shorter time, one obviously has to increase their pace. As mentioned earlier, walking at a brisk pace helps in burning more calories and is equivalent to a moderate intensity workout. Increasing the speed gives maximum health benefits and provides a major fitness boost. To increase your speed, use the arms to propel forward and take proper strides. Maintaining a good posture is also very important. By doing this, lot more calories will burn.

Keep A Track

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It is always better to maintain a journal of your walks by simply entering details like distance, time taken and one’s weight. This will help tracking your progress much easier. There are a variety of gadgets like a pedometer watch and apps which help count the calories you burn.

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