Get it right: What is Speedwalking?

Speedwalking is essentially a form of walking where an individual walks at a much faster pace than normal as a form of exercise. It involves the use of the movement of arms to gain speed. 

The normal walking speed is around 5 km/hr, whereas, it goes up to 7-8 km/hr when Speedwalking. Here are a few basics on how it is done:

Importance Of Posture

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The head and neck have to be in a straight position and it is important to look forward, having a clear vision of the way ahead. With a raised chest and relaxed shoulders, you are all set to begin.

Movement Of Arms

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Moving the arms help in attaining speed as it provides momentum to propel the body forward. It has to be made sure though, that the arms do not swing more than chest height.

Landing And Take-Off

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The correct way is to make sure one foot is in contact with the ground at all times while walking. The landing has to be on the heel and the body has to be pushed off the ground using the toes, with the calf muscles acting as a spring of sorts.

The Stride

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Taking long strides doesn’t make one go faster. Quick, small strides help greatly in going faster as compared to elongating it.


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There will be an increase in breathing and there will be a need to take as much oxygen in as possible. They have to be rhythmic and at no time should one fall short of breath.

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