Speedwalking on the move

What Is ‘Sport’?

Sport is being focused on the moment and living in that moment. It requires using the right equipment, the right technique and the right terrain, setting a set goal and pushing to achieve it. To measure goals is critical; it’s what forces one to push, thereby creating key physical reactions – sweat, heat, a rising heart beat – which in turn invoke the simple joys of playing: invigorating, reenergizing, revitalizing.

Make ‘Speedwalk’ A Sport - Focus On Every Step

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Walking today is more about chatting on the phone or listening to music, things that are not done when one plays badminton or cricket, for example. To turn it into a sport, the act of walking needs to be ‘mindful’. We should be aware of what we are doing. Like every other sport, this one too requires concentration and focus to get the best out of Speedwalking.

Walk Like A Sport - Set Measurable Goals

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Every sport has a goal – win the game! This is measured in terms of runs made, points won, number of laps completed or distance covered. In Speedwalking, one could focus on the number of ‘steps’. One should constantly strive to improve the number of steps taken in a fixed period of time: 500 steps in the first five minutes, 550 in the subsequent five minutes and so on. Knowing how many steps one has walked also instils a great sense of achievement, motivating us to push harder the next time.

Time can also be a method to gauge the performance, but it’s harder to measure and not always accurate. For example, trying to figure out how much faster each lap needs to get is harder than finding how many more steps one needs to take. However any method that allows one to compare performance and more importantly, improve it, is all that it takes: today I will walk 12 rounds of the park in 30 minutes as against my usual 10.

Be The Sport - A Healthy Body Leads To A Healthy Mind

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Speedwalking is like igniting a bomb within you. It feels nothing like your normal walk in the park. But the health benefits of racing against time and challenging yourself to gain that extra yard cannot be paralleled. It helps prevent asthma; increases blood circulation and strengthen bones among other things. Add to that the sense of accomplishment one gets on achieving a goal.

Trust us, after you have Speedwalked, after you have given it everything you have got, the world will feel like a better place. Speedwalking has the potential to be THE sport for every man and woman, a sport that can lead us back to happier healthier times! So get your walking gear out and embark on a new sport that will change your life forever. That’s a Zeven promise.

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