Six early lessons for young tennis players

Globally, tennis is one of the most-watched sports today. Tennis can be a great career option for youngsters and also for those who just want to remain fit. In fact, it is one of the best sports to indulge in to maintain overall fitness. So, if yo

Getting The Right Gear

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The most important thing for tennis is the racquet, of course. Going for the cheapest option available may not always be the right thing to do. The racquet has to according to your body size and must be comfortable to grip. Also, later on, there will be a broken string which does not mean the racquet has to be simply thrown away! It always makes sense to re-string it if it was most suitable to you.

Joining An Academy

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This is very necessary as the sport has to be played on courts suitable for the game. Getting instructions and coaching will help in improving the game. Here, one also gets to play with better players which makes for a great learning experience. You will also get more comfortable with the rules and playing terminology in such an environment. Plus, training with players with a similar goal will always aid in becoming a better player.

Maintaining Fitness

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Having an important warm-up helps in a long way to maintaining fitness. Jogs, sprints and a bit of stretching will definitely help in getting the body ready for the rigors ahead. This is very important to manage stress on the body better and keeping injuries at bay. It is also important to note that there will be niggles and injuries which may slow you down for a bit. It is important to not get bogged down by it and to continue working towards your goal.

Learn To Execute The Shots

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The first shot one learns is the bread-and-butter shot for any tennis player i.e. the forehand. Without a decent forehand, it is difficult to make progress for any player. Then, one goes to the backhand which may not be your strongest shot, but is necessary to build a decent backhand. You can choose between a single-handed backhand or a two-handed one depending on what is more comfortable. Volleying is another important shot in a tennis player’s arsenal which can help in having a better all-round game. The serve can be difficult to get right in the beginning, but it is imperative that one gets it right with enough practice. A strong serve, be it the pace or placement or both, is a wonderful asset to have as is the case with professional players.

Maintaining Nutrition


Maintaining nutrition just doesn’t mean having to eat right when you are off the courts. When you are on it too, one has to have regular sips of water and nourish oneself with instant sources of energy like having a banana in-between breaks. Doing so will not only replenish your energy, but also, avoid cramping.

Keep Practicing


Just knowing or learning the above is not going to make one a better player. Continuous practice is the key to becoming a better player and perfecting your shots. Practice also improve your stamina which can be the deciding factor on testing day weather-wise. In short, the more you practice, the better you will become.

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