Visakh’s veracity toward tennis nets him glory

The rise of India's corporate tennis star is a story of passion and persistence.

It is never easy to chase your dreams or follow your passion when you are a corporate employee. Despite the long hours and stressful deadlines typical of most multinational companies, Visakh V S still pursues his passion for lawn tennis. Fuelled purely by his love of the sport, he takes an interest in a variety of sports as well.

In a desk job that demands excellence every day, he stuck it out and managed to juggle work and play well enough to make a mark on the corporate tennis circuit in Hyderabad.  

Visakh has been representing HSBC for over a decade in competitive corporate tournaments. These events are highly competitive, with a few current and erstwhile top-ranking players of India also part of the fray. For the last ten years, he has participated in more than 50 tournaments and has brought several accolades for his company.

Born in Kerala, he has been the Junior Champion for his state for many years now. His father made him try various sports including Hockey and athletics. His father thought he would follow suit with Hockey as he was playing well, but as destiny would have it, he got injured after being hit in the eye by a ball. That made his father decide to train him in tennis instead. 

So Visakh started playing tennis at the age of ten and did not like the game initially. However, in just a couple of years, he won his first U-12 State Championship title. "Everyone said I was destined for something great, but I know I have been lucky to have played under a lot of good coaches." He has played several junior national tournaments against the likes of the current and ex-top ranked world player from India. 

He has been playing the corporate circle and open tournament circle in Hyderabad for the last ten years. In 2015 and 2016, he won every single corporate tournament in Hyderabad. Currently, ranked number one in the India Tennis League (ITL) Men's Doubles, a monthly nationwide tournament, Visakh wants to pursue doubles in the professional set-up as well.

He dedicates his success on the field to his family. "I owe most of my credit to my father as it's his determination and drive that transformed me into a professional player. He has backed me in all stages of life.", he says. He suggests all corporate employees pick up a sport they like in order to unwind after the day's work.

Even though he plays semi-professionally, his dream is to give something back to the game which has given him his identity. He currently helps and supports budding tennis players in academies across Hyderabad by mentoring and consulting top-ranked players. After completing the Level 3 certified coaches program of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) AITA, he has a dream of setting up Visakh Tennis Academy in the future. "Passion & perseverance are what matters the most," he believes, both of which has made him a success story in a sport he loves.

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